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Anna Russell Anna Russell, née Anna Claudia Russell-Brown (27 December 1911 – 18 October 2006) was an English–Canadian singer and comedienne. She gave many concerts in which she sang and played comic...

Larry The Cable Guy Daniel Lawrence Whitney (born February 17, 1963), better known by the stage name Larry the Cable Guy, is an American stand-up comedian and actor. He is one of the co-stars of the Blue Collar Comedy...

Spike Milligan Terence Alan Patrick Seán Milligan KBE (16 April 1918 – 27 February 2002), known as Spike Milligan, was an Irish comedian, writer, musician, poet and playwright. Milligan was the co-creator and...

Arrogant Worms The Arrogant Worms are a Canadian musical comedy trio that parodies many musical genres. They are well known for their humorous on-stage banter in addition to their music. The Arrogant Worms came...

Chonda Pierce Chonda Pierce (born in South Carolina) is a Christian comedienne often billed as "The Queen of Clean." Maiden name "Courtney". Pierce got her start in comedy during a six-year stint at a theme park...


Featured comedy albums

Various Artists: Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again

Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again
By Various Artists, Released: 2004
Tracks: Differences Between Men and Women, Spending Time Together, I Just Got Married, Sluggo, TV and its Side Effects, Oreo Generation, Courtesy Sniff, Vasectomies, Fat Girls and...

Stan Freberg: The Best Of The Stan Freberg Shows

The Best Of The Stan Freberg Shows
By Stan Freberg, Released: 2009
Tracks: Opening, Elderly Man River, Face The Funnies, Bang Gunleigh, U.S. Marshall Field, Tuned Sheep, Incident At Los Voraces,

Tim Wilson: It's a Sorry World

It's a Sorry World
By Tim Wilson, Released: 1999
Tracks: It's a Sorry World, Banks, Chucky Cheese H*ll, Service Station Lady, First Baptist Bar and Grill, Acid Country, Auntie Emm, It Takes a Village (To Raise a Nut), Assault...

Chonda Pierce: On Her Soapbox

On Her Soapbox
By Chonda Pierce, Released: 2007
Tracks: Whenever I Think Of You, Comedy Skit 1, Comedy Skit 2, Silent And Still, I Am Holding You, Testimony, God Loves You, Yes And Amen,

Jeff Foxworthy: Games Rednecks Play

Games Rednecks Play
By Jeff Foxworthy, Released: 1995
Tracks: Victoria's Secret, Games Rednecks Play, Southern Accent, N.A.S.A. & Alabama & Fishing Shows, Clampetts Go to Maui, I Love Being a Parent, Out of the Gene Pool, Don't Drink &...