Emergency Broadcast Network

Emergency Broadcast Network

More of a multi-media organization than a band, Emergency Broadcast Network construct video pastiches much as techno artists use samplers to create audio effects. Josh Pearson (Public Relations Programmer) and Gardner Post (Systems Manager) met at the Rhode Island School of Design in the early '80s and began to experiment with video samples, adding DJ Ron O'Donnell in 1990. Packing a Chevy truck with all their gear, the trio followed the 1991 Lollapalooza tour around America, broadcasting soundtracked videos to somewhat confused concertgoers. The band's first release, in the form of a video (Commercial Entertainment Product) and an audio CD (Behavior Modification), appeared in 1992 on TVT. EBN gained a huge audience later that year when U2 used one song as an opening for their Zoo TV tour. In 1995, the trio released their second album, but also spent time producing videos for the likes of Coldcut and other electronica favorites. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide


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