Judy Tenuta: Buy This Again Pigs

Judy Tenuta (born November 7, 1956, in Oak Park, Illinois) is an American entertainer, comedienne, and accordionist. Tenuta's act is primarily structured around an exaggerated, offbeat persona that is referred to primarily as "The Love Goddess." Other monikers include "Aphrodite of the Accordion," "Fashion Saint," "Princess of Panty Shields," and "Empress of Elvis Impersonators." Tenuta's persona encourages fans to convert to her own personal religion, "Judyism." Aside from her own stand-up work, she has been featured in several productions of "Weird Al" Yankovic, including The Weird Al Show and the music videos for "Headline News" and "White & Nerdy." She has also appeared on game shows such as Hollywood Squares and the 1998 revival of Match Game. Her most extensive profile came from a series of TV ads for MTV in the mid-1980s, which became popular and gained her a loyal following. Her use of voice in her act has lent itself to voice-over work in several animated programs. This...

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