Max Miller: EMI Comedy

Thomas Henry Sargent (21 November 1894 – 7 May 1963), better known by his stage name Max Miller, was Britain's top music hall comedian in the late 1930s to the late 1950s. Nicknamed the "Cheeky Chappie", Miller was known for his risqué jokes (see censorship) and gaudy suits. Born Thomas Henry Sargent in Hereford Street, Brighton, Sussex, Miller became notorious for double entendres which saw him banned from the BBC. His jokes were reputedly written in two notebooks, white for 'clean' humour, blue for 'adult' jokes. He had the habit - to avoid censorship - of stopping before the end of a sentence which could only end with a dirty joke so he could then rebuke the audience for their "dirty minds." He was known for outlandish outfits, generally patterned plus fours and matching long jacket, a trilby hat and kipper tie. He was a popular singer of comedy songs, his most famous being Mary From the Dairy, which was his signature tune. He appeared in 14 films and made three Royal Variety Show...

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