Richard Cheese: Silent Nightclub

Richard Cheese (born Mark Jonathan Davis) fronts Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine, a cover band and comedy act based in Los Angeles, California. Lounge singer Richard Cheese performs popular rock, rap, heavy metal, and pop songs in a swanky lounge music swing band style reminiscent of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Tony Bennett. The band's name Lounge Against The Machine is a parody of the band name Rage Against the Machine. His name is also a play on words: "dick cheese" is a slang term for smegma. The band specializes in playing lounge-style covers of recent popular rock, metal, rap and hip hop songs, sung in a croony traditional pop vocal style, contrasting an elegant jazz treatment of the music with often profane and ribald lyrics to create a humorous dissonance. Since 2000, the band has released eight albums, and played in concerts around the United States, two concerts in Europe, and has made numerous television appearances, including performances on Jimmy Kimmel...

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