Stanley Holloway: EMI Comedy Classics

Stanley Augustus Holloway OBE (1 October 1890 – 30 January 1982) was an English Stage and Film Actor, Comedian, Singer and Entertainer, famous for his comic and character roles on stage and screen, especially that of Alfred Doolittle in My Fair Lady. He was also renowned for his recordings of comic monologues and songs, which spanned throughout most of his seventy year career. He was born in Manor Park, Essex (now Greater London), England, and attended The Worshipful School of Carpenters in Stratford. His Mother Florrie was a housekeeper and his father George was a Lawyers Clerk. He had one sister called Millie. His first job was as a junior clerk in a boot polish factory called "Everitts Nutta and Jetta"" where he earnt ten shillings a week. His second job was again as a clerk but this time at Billingsgate fish market. Whilst working there, he began his performing career as "Master Stanley Holloway -- The Wonderful Boy Soprano", from 1907. He began performing in end of pier concert...

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