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Certified Aluminum: His Greatest Recycled Hits Volume 1

Timothy Collins "Tim" Wilson (born August 5, 1961 in Columbus, Georgia) is an American stand-up comedian and country music artist. His act combines stand-up comedy and original songs. He has released more than a dozen comedy albums, including several for Capitol Records Nashville, and has made frequent appearances on the John Boy and Billy, Big D and Bubba and Bob and Tom Show. Wilson is a self-described libertarian, and sometimes includes his political standpoints in his comedy routines. He is also the co-writer of comedian Jeff Foxworthy's 1996 single "The Redneck Twelve Days of Christmas", as well as several parodies for the 1980s comedy duo Pinkard & Bowden. Wilson and his frequent co-writer, Danny Simpson, were also credited as a co-writer on Toby Keith's 2007 single "High Maintenance Woman" although Keith wrote the song by himself. In 2009, Wilson and Roger Keiss wrote a book entitled Happy New Year — Ted, about serial killer Ted Bundy.

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